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Quicktronic Electronic Ballasts

QUICKTRONIC ™ Ballasts are designed to operate T8 lamps with maximum energy efficiency and high lumen output while providing up to 40% energy savings over equivalent T12 magnetic systems. Quicktronic ballasts can operate the FO17, FO25, FO32, FO40, FBO16, FBO24 and FBO32 lamps. Quicktronic electronic ballasts have low harmonic distortion (less than 20%), low k-factor, low inrush current, and a high power factor (greater than .97) for optimum power quality. High frequency operation and parallel instant start circuitry assures maximum efficiency and virtually eliminates lamp flicker. The parallel circuitry also keeps remaining lamps lit if one or more should fail. Multi-lamp capability for up to 4 lamps allows fewer ballasts to be used in a fixture and helps reduce future maintenance. UL Listed. Quicktronic electronic ballasts are covered by a comprehensive system warranty for up to 60 months.

QUICKTRONIC™ Low Power Ballasts (LP) are designed to operate at lower power levels for added energy savings when reduced light output is acceptable. The LP Ballast provides up to 45% energy savings compared to T12 magnetic systems and is ideally suited to replace 34 watt T12 systems. A 10-15% savings is realized over standard T8 systems. (77% ballast factor)

QUICKTRONIC™ Plus Ballasts (High Output) are designed to provide increased lumen output while providing high system efficacy. Designed for use in situations where maximum light output is required. The Plus Ballast provides over 30% more light output than standard T8 systems. (120% ballast factor) Compared to T12 magnetic systems, The Plus Ballast provides 25% more light output while still saving 10-15% in energy.


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