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Dulex EL



Compact Fluorescents

DULUX EL Lamps represent the most advanced design in electronic compact fluorescent lamps. They feature high frequency integral ballasts and rare earth triphosphor technology. DULUX EL lamps have a Color Rendering Index of 82.

DULUX EL Compact Fluorescent lamps use 75 percent less energy than the 40W, 60W and 90W incandescent lamps they replace. Their unique triple tube design also makes them small enough to fit most household fixtures. All have a service life of 10,000 hours, up to 13 times that of the lamps they replace.

The DULUX EL Globe offers all the energy saving features of the standard DULUX EL in a decorative, opal finished, white globe: distributing the warm pleasant light of the lamp. Used in a variety of fixtures including swags, downlights and strip lights.

The DULUX EL Reflector combines an energy efficient DULUX EL lamp with a high performance parabolic reflector housing that directs the light in a flood-like beam pattern. The reflector housing has a pure white, opaque, enameled finish which allows DULUX EL Reflector lamps to act as their own fixtures in many installations. They are ideal for use in most standard downlight and track fixtures. Their long service life reduces the need for relamping in high locations. Ideal for lighting flowers, food and other heat sensitive objects.


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