Effective Concepts LLC.
1732 23rd Street South
Fargo, ND 58103

Mission Statement

To ensure exceptional quality by building partnerships between the customer, the contractor, the utility, the distributor and the factory. By building partnerships we bridge the space between companies normally separated and at times adverse to one another. Effective Concepts also provides the most compelling marketing tools attainable. We will help our partners achieve all of their goals while providing the greatest value to the end customer. Effective Concepts is a specialty distributor of energy saving lighting products, located in Fargo, North Dakota. We began as a consulting service for electric utilities and electrical contractors. Effective Concepts has grown to include the distribution of lighting fixtures, ballasts and lamps. We specialize in custom florescent lighting retrofits on retail and industrial facilities.

Customer satisfaction is our prime goal therefore we must take the time to do things right. By controlling the entire energy audit process, we can coordinate each job while providing a higher level of service.

Thousands of companies have saved millions of dollars by using cost effective lighting retrofits. We have committed our time and resources to stay on the forefront of this technology. Creative and technical know how is the single most critical determinant of economic competitiveness.

Effective Concepts works with the customer to determine energy usage patterns. We are sensitive to your needs and requirements. We work with your staff checking the equipment in need of repair or containing PCB ballasts. We work through each room to give you the greatest savings possible. Light levels will be measured and recorded. Consideration will be given to motion detectors, photo sensors, or bi-level lighting. Our computer generated print-outs will show all the information by room before and after a lighting retrofit. Our print-outs estimate the cost of material, labor, rebates, watts saved, cost avoidance, ROI and payback in years. We include graphs showing wattage, lumens and electricity costs and pollution reduction (of interest to the EPA).

Effective Concepts helps our dealers sell and install turn key projects. Our projects range throughout the upper midwest. We have been quite successful working on grocery stores, hospitals, auto dealerships, schools and many other commercial projects.

In most cases we design our projects to take advantage of special electrical rates, rebates load shedding and light level control. We work with a diverse range of experts who help design and construct energy efficient systems. By using a range of experts we aren't constricted to a one-size-fits-all approach. We have learned from the failures of others, one-size-fits-all rarely fits well. That is why we use the most flexible computer hardware and software to give you the best system possible.


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