Mytech OMNI Sensors

Adaptive Functions

The OMNI constantly analyzes and adapts to changing conditions:

Period Time Action
Installation 60
Timer automatically resets from Test (8 sec.) to 8 minutes.
Learning Four
1. Response to Error Conditions: (false-ons, false-offs)
2. Air current adaptation
3. Timer optimization
Adjustments Made:
Ultrasonic sensitivity
Infrared sensitivity
Air current threshold
1. 24 hour occupancy periods learned (circadian)
2. Weekly occupancy periods Periods learned
Adjustments Made:
a. Generally occupied periods: Threshold=High Sensitivity mode
b. Generally unoccupied periods: Threshold=Miser mode

Note: two major errors in Circadian mode (such as a false-off) will cause Learning Phase to restart.



DIP Switch Settings (All switches OFF for full automatic opertaion):

Switch Function Auto (off) Manual (on)
A1 Auto/Manual Automatic
Manual On
A2 Threshold Auto threshold Adjust High Sensitivity
(Low turn-on threshold)
A3 LED motion indicator Lights indicate Motion Disable LED Indicator
A4 Reset learned settings Retain settings
Erase All Learned Settings, Restart Learning (Toggle On)
B1 Strong airflow compensation Disable compensation
Enable Compensation
B2 Over doorway installation No
(Use increase turn-on threshold)
B3 Timer adjust Adjust timer automatically Use manual timer setting
(No Adjustment)


Knob Color: Control Function Automatic Operation Conditions Analyzed in Automatic Operation Knob Setting Under Manual Operation** Recommended Manual Setting
Green: Ultrasonic Sensitivity Sets the ultrasonic range Sensor analyzes room and sets sensitivity to optimal setting Air currents False-on occurrences False-off " Linear range setting Full CCW = min (off) Full CW = max range 95%
Red: infrared Sensitivity Sets the infrared range Same as above Room (surface) temp Lens dirt Signal to noise ratio Same as above 75%
Black: Timer Sets the length of time lights will remain on after last motion is sensed Timer setting generally increased during learning period, then decreases to minimize "on" time False-off occurrences Error free operation decreases the timer setting Linear range setting
Full CCW = min (8 sec.)
Full CW = max (30 min.)
33% 10 min.
Blue: Photocell Sets level of daylight needed to prevent the lights from turning on No automatic operation N/A Linear range setting
Full CCW = min daylight
Full CW = max (off)
Off unless used

** When a function is set to "Automatic Operation" the initial setting is determined by the position of the knob. CCW is counter clockwise, CW is clockwise


OMNI-DT ranges

Automatic Timer & Automatic Sensitivity

The automatic timer and automatic sensitivity features of the OMNI-DT work independently to prevent "false-offs" and "false-ons." When the sensor detects motion immediately after it turns the lights out, a "false-off" is detected, timer and sensitivity are increased. if the sensor turns the lights on, but detects no immediate follow-up motion, "false-on" is detected, timer and sensitivity are decreased.

Sensitivity Chart


Green LED Lamp: Ultrasonic motion; operational status code (every 2 minutes)
Red LED Lamp: Infrared motion.

Automatic Status Reporting

To speed installation and insure reliable operation, each sensor has an LED status lamp which flashes in red or green. Short Red flash = infrared motion detected. Short green flash = ultrasonic motion detected. In addition, the OMNI-DT reports internal status with a simple, encoded long/short pattern (Morse code) every five minutes via the green LED.

To bypass the five minute interval between status reports, a user my wave at the sensor five times rapidly (within five seconds) and the sensor will immediately flash its status and timer setting.

dot dot dot Green light "S" Normal operation
dot dash dash Green light "W" Range reduced due to air currents -suggest moving to another ceiling location
dot dash Green light "N" Networked operation
dash dash Green light "M" Network master

Code Explanation:
Timer #'s: See installation manual.

Physical Wiring

Wiring Diagram



Construction: Two ultrasonic transmitters and two narrow bandwidth receivers each 16mm in diameter.
Frequency- Crystal controlled to ±.005%.
Transducers - Oriented north and south (DT2000 only, others use single pairs), angled 30 degrees down from horizontal.
Housing- Rugged, high-impact, injection molded plastic KJB ABS Cyolac (UL-945VA) flame class rating LN inhibitors.
Color coded leads are 6".
Size & Weight: 4.5 " dia., 1. 5 " height; 5 oz. (114 mm dia., 38 mm height; 142 g.)
Color: White.
Power Requirements: 24 VDC, 33 mA (use MP series power pack.)
Output: 24 VDC active high logic control signal with short circuit protection and optional dry contact (see -RP option).
Operating Environment: 32'F to 104'F (0 degree C to 40 degree C); 0% to 95% non-condensing, relative humidity. For indoor use only.
Warranty: 5 years