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OCTRON T8 Lamps provides a choice of 3000K, 3500K, 4100K and 5000K color temperatures. Both OCTRON linear and OCTRON CURVALUME U-shaped lamps are available in 700 and 800 series. 700 series lamps have a CRI of 75. The 800 series has a CRI of 85 and the 900 series lamps have a CRI of 90!

OSRAM SYLVANIA Lamps deliver the highest lumen per watt efficacy of any general lighting fluorescent system. When operated on electronic ballasts, OCTRON T8 lamps reduce energy consumption by up to 40%. This same technology gives OCTRON lamps exceptional lumen maintenance and high CRIs.

OCTRON Lamps are available in five length/ wattage combinations: 2-foot (17W), 3-foot (25W), 4-foot (32W), 5-foot (40W) and 8-foot (59W). All OCTRON Lamps are rated at 15,000 hours when operated on instant start electronic ballasts. (Based on 3 hours/ start. Ratings increase as cycles lengthen. In a typical 10 hour per day application, life ratings increased by 35 percent.)

Color Temperature is expressed in Kelvins (°K) and describes the apparent whiteness of the lamp. A color temperature of (2700K to 3400K) is said to be "warm." (Incandescent lamps are between 2700K and 3000K.) A color temperature of 3500K is considered "mid-range." A color temperatures of (4100K to 6300K) is said to be "cool" in color.

Color Rendering Index (CRI from 0-100) indicates the relative color quality. It expresses how "natural" the light source appears. The higher the CRI number, the better the color rendering properties of the light source. The CRIs should only be compared if they have same color temperature.

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