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In addition to Blogs there are a few other online tools a person can use to share written content. The content can be permanent or temporary, private or public, important or not.

Each tool has it’s place; its pros and cons. Much depends on the content you’re writing and your comfort level with the technology each tools uses.

I plan to write about each one of these in further detail. The order is based on when I discovered the site/tool/technology.

  1. ISP Hosting
  2. Free Hosting
  3. Paid Hosting
  4. Blogs
  5. The Wiki
  6. Google Page Creator
  7. Google Docs and Spreadsheets

Many of these sites/tools/technologies can be mixed and matched.

If you want a simple answer right now, I have to say I’m impressed by Google Page Creator. The resulting web pages look nice thanks to the use of templates. It’s easy to use thanks to the Word Processor like toolbar. It’s free if you have a gmail account. Gmail accounts are free for the asking. It appears for now anyway there are no ads to deal with either. It’s easy to add pages, add outside content and link your pages into a nice site. Throw in a $9/year domain name from and you have a nice professional web site with little work and little cost.

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Note: although my focus here is written content all these technologies can support photos and multimedia. This is part one of a nine-part series, which will follow my history on the web using various web technologies for posting content cheaply and easily.

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