May 312007

Early in 2000, I started running into the limitations of hosting my web site(s) on my ISP. I had more content than they were willing to host, the URL was difficult, and I wanted to run some CGI scripts.

Paid hosting looked to be expensive- at least when compared to the free hosting I was getting from AOL. I was working on a Mac at the time so I was reading almost everyday. About once a week someone would ask about hosting. I made a list of the suggestions.

I ended up using FreeProhosting on the servers. I set up a couple accounts. They still offer:

  • 100 Megabytes of Disk Storage (Good enough for a nice size web site.)
  • 1.2 Gigabytes of Monthly Bandwidth (Unless you think you’re going to be very popular, this should be more than enough bandwidth.)
  • ProBuilder Site Builder (which will help you build your web site)
  • FTP account (Makes it easy to upload and manage your web site using standard FTP clients)

The downside are banner ads on your web pages. This is true for most free web hosting. I haven’t checked but I wouldn’t be surprised to find almost every paid hosting company offers some flavor of free hosting. You can also get free hosting through Microsoft, Yahoo, and Google (which is in a class by itself.)

I still keep a small collection of magazine interviews from Musician Player and Listener from the 1980s on my Prohosting site. It’s a lot of pages and content. It is a stand alone project; so the banner ads don’t detract (much) from the site and it’s nice to know these Rock interviews have a home.

part three of a multipart series on posting content to the internet.

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