May 092007

I hate desktop shortcuts. I don’t even like the Quicklaunch Toolbar. When I was on the Mac (OS9) I had pallets I could launch with the Home key. I had all my favorite programs on these pallets- that could be launched with the corresponding number. On WindowXP I’ve been programing shortcut keys, but this only works with my favorite programs. I soon ran out of letters and I ran out of memory even quicker. (My memory; not the computer’s.) I tried Launchy, which I liked but it didn’t work on my laptop computer and it brought up Thunderbird even when I started typing iTunes. Odd behavior if you ask me.

Last week I was looking for a new way of launching applications quickly that did not involve using the mouse or memorizing keystrokes. After some quick research during American Idol, I found what I was looking for, and it’s built into Windows XP. Any program can be launched if it’s in the Start Menu (Classic View). The only problem is it launches with the letter the shortcut starts with. In most cases this isn’t a problem but if you have a lot of programs that start with the letter ‘P’ like I do- it can be. I made some folders that start with numbers, and I retitled some shortcuts to get around this problem. I made folders for little used programs (`), files (1), and Internet Application (2). So a program like the Opera browser can be accessed quickly by pressing Windows-key 2 O. I don’t have to hunt down the Opera.exe file, or clutter my desktop with shortcuts, or memorize the keystrokes as they come up one after another- nothing to remember.

I used this experience as a chance to review my programs. I made a list of all the programs on both computers. I took the opportunity to delete some programs I don’t like or will never use. Then I sorted the list and thought about what folder the short cut could go into. The completed List.

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