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About Us – Effective Concepts LLC
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About Us


Craig Maas has twenty-five years of wholesale experience. Craig has a Marketing degree from Moorhead State University and is responsible for developing one of the most advanced computerized marketing systems in the country.

Craig Maas is the webmaster for a number of web sites. We specialize in small company sites and simple sites for nonprofit organizations. “You don’t have to pay a lot of money to have a nice site.” We also provide assistance to set up and maintain blogs, wiki’s and other web tools. “I like working with customers who believe content is king. My best customers are those I learn as much from as they do me.”

Effective Concepts LLC is company that was formed in 1991 by Ray and Craig Maas. Effective Concepts is a authorized distributor of Sylvania Lighting Products. Ray has over 40 in the Distribution Industry, while Craig has over twenty-five years of wholesale experience. Ray has an Engineering degree and Craig has a Marketing degree. The company’s primary focus is Lighting and Energy Savings but we also spend a lot of time marketing. Craig also has experience writing custom database packages, spreadsheets, and graphic design (both freehand and computer).

Ray Maas had almost fifty years experience running and managing wholesale distribution companies. Ray had an Engineering degree from North Dakota State University. Ray had experience with Lighting, Controls, Pump Systems, Heating and Air Conditioning.

Past Services

Do you need our services?– Is your annual operations budget in need of a trim. In most cases the answer is yes. Not only can you reduce your operations budget but a properly designed energy retrofit can return money to your pocket. Annual return on investments (ROI) between 20% and 50% are NOT unusual. Maintenance costs can also drop when you upgrade your lighting or HVAC equipment. If designed properly your facilities will show in increase in employee productivity. Performance and safety can be enhanced with new efficient lighting design. The more extensive a facilities needs the more extensive the savings. Our approach is to help you maximize these savings.


The efficient use of energy requires proper design. This is true for lighting and heating. Effective Concepts has years of experience in both fields. We use our expertise to design optimal lighting or heating systems. Whether you are looking for new equipment or wish to retrofit your current lighting fixtures, we can help you. We can design around your design requirements. These include: Cost savings, energy savings, pollution savings, or lighting design changes.


Proper designs starts with detailed and accurate information. We will provided a free audit of your site. We look at various factors depending on the type of design you are looking for: Counts of existing fixtures, type, and their location. We may also take light level readings if needed.

Lighting Is An Investment

Now is the time to look at your facility for savings. The energy you use to light your facility is going to waste. Your old four lamp fixture uses 188 watts per hour. At 6ยข per kWh, that is only a penny per hour, but over the life of the lamp you’re burning up $135.

Effective Concepts can provide you with an alternative one which can result in a short payback on your investment. The money you are sending to the utility is giving you no payback. Many utilities will actually help you with your lighting retrofit by providing a rebate.

With all the pressure to reduce costs and minimize expenses, why not invite Effective Concepts to have a look at your facility. We may have the solution to your budget problems.


  • Lighting Audit, showing existing fixtures, replacement fixtures, locations
    and savings.
  • Pollution Savings a sample graph showing
    savings of natural resources conserved.
  • Cost Savings, Cash Flow, and Return on Investment
  • Lighting Conservation/ Light Levels a sample
    store showing before and after lighting retrofits (60K graphic)
  • Grant Forms to help qualify you for loans or grants.
  • Rebate Forms to help qualify you utility rebates
  • Heatloss & Layouts


  • Grocery Stores
  • Retail Stores
  • Educational Facilities
  • Government Facilities
  • Health Care Facilities
  • Wholesalers
  • Manufactures
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