We are an authorized Sylvania distributor.
Westock most common lamps and specialize in energy efficient lamps and ballasts.

Sylvania brand lighting products set the standard for performance, offering
superior energy savings and long service life.


T8 Fluorescent Lamp Technology
Why you should replace your old F40, F34 and F96 T12 lamps with the
new T8 lamps

Electronic Ballasts
Those magnetic ballasts in your old fixtures are wasting your money.
Touch one after it’s been on a while. Hot isn’t it. It’s suppose to be
creating light not heat.

Capsylite Screw-Ins
Capsylite lamps slash energy use up to 31%! and Capsylite lamps average
3500 hours.

Capsylite Floods
The bright white light offers near-perfect color rendering, and they
retain their excellent light quality throughout their long service life.

Metal Halide & High Pressure Sodium
No other HID light source comes close to that combination of service
life and light maintenance of the Lumalux Plus HPS and MetalArc Metal
Halide lamps.

Compact Fluorescent
These lamps feature high frequency integral ballasts and rare earth
triphosphor technology. Available in straight, reflector and globe screw-in.

LED Exit Lights & Night Lights
Using one watt of energy, Exit lights screws or snaps into existing sockets
like a regular light bulb, no rewiring required. The Night Lights plug
into any wall socket or can be permanently installed with a built in wall

MYTECH Occupancy Sensors
We have a small stock of Mytech occupancy sensors, which we are featuring with a great price.
A painless way to meet the ASHRAE/IES 90.1-1999 Automatic Shut off code.
Check it out!

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