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Halogen Floods

Halogen Floods

Sylvania Capsylite ® halogen PAR lamps are a very high quality light source. The bright white light offers near-perfect color rendering, and they retain their excellent light quality throughout their long service life. CAPSYLITE halogen PAR lamps are extremely energy efficient. They produce up to twice the amount of light from the same amount of energy as the standard filament lamps they replace and can offer up to a 50 percent longer service life. CAPSYLITE lamps are offered in five different sizes, each available in a variety of wattages and beam angles.

Suitable for Every Application SYLVANIA CAPSYLITE halogen PAR lamps are the perfect choice for a wide variety of general illumination, task and accent lighting applications. CAPSYLITE lamps can be used indoors or out, in a wide range of downlight, track and ceiling mounted fixtures. Offering a combination of superior light quality, long life and energy efficiency, CAPSYLITE lamps are ideal for use everywhere from stores, showrooms and galleries to offices, banks and public buildings.

SYLVANIA Halogen Capsylite A-line Bulb

Capylite Lamp

Capylite Lamp

Sylvania scores another breakthrough: the revolutionary, energy saving Capsylite incandescent, your bottom-line choice wherever you use long-life lamps to save lighting maintenance costs!

New energy savingsÉ Other long-life lamps just can’t compare. Replace your long-life (2500 hour rated) 60, 75 or 100 watt lamps with Sylvania 42, 52 and 72 watt Capsylite lamps respectively and you slash energy use and costs up to 31%! For the small additional amount you invest for this efficiency, the energy savings plus extended life provide up to 858% return on investment.

New long life! Most long-life lamps provide 2500 hours of life, and standard life lamps last only 750-1000 hours. But new Capsylite lamps average 3500 hours. They’re the longest-lasting light bulbs you can buy at their respective light levels and wattage. With new Capsylite lamps, you can cut way down on lighting maintenance and replacement costs.

New whiter light! The tungsten halogen capsule in Capsylite lamps produces exceptionally white light and an excellent color temperature (2800°K) for faithful color rendition in long-life lamps. It’s ideal for retail stores, meat and produce counters in supermarkets, showrooms: any place where color is important.

Stronger glass bulb! Standard incandescent lamps shatter when broken. But not Capsylites. A thick glass bulb wall is what does it. Capsylites feature a Tungsten halogen capsule, a handy “Stand on end” design, and a brass base which resists corrosion.

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