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Magazines – Effective Concepts LLC
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Energy Conservation Articles

Magazine Notes

Weather Report

A monthly Engineered Systems column that has some great information about using weather data to estimate loads and savings. Unfortunately it doesn’t appear archived- at least I can’t find it. By Michael Kjelgaard, P.E. Engineering Weather Data

  • Heat Recovery Systems. March 2004
  • Pushing Economizer Cooling To The Limit. July 2004
  • Sensible Loads. August 2004
  • Ventilation Load Analyzer. September 2004
  • Economizer Savings. November 2004
  • Economizer Savings II. December 2004
  • Bin Data. April 2005

HVAC Commercial

Estimating Demand & Efficiency

Score Sheet for HVAC System Efficiency: Nice spreadsheet for estimating overall efficiency of a commercial HVAC system. It covers 7 system elements: Chiller/Compressor, Supply Air Handling Unit, Return Fan Pressure, Chilled Water Pump Head, Condenser Pump Head, Cooling Tower or Condenser Fan, Zone or VAV Terminal Fans.

The program/ spreadsheet is available at www.geokiss.com (not online anymore? Try Google and Archive.org. ) Ground Source Heat Pump Design: Keep It Simple & Solid

ASHRAE Journal, July 2003, p36

A New Way To Calculate Cooling Loads

Overview of ASHRAE’s new Radiant Time Series (RTS) method of calculating commercial loads.

ASHRAE Journal, January 2004, p20

Universal Translator

The Universal Translator is a tool that allows filtering, analysis and visualization of large Energy Management and Control Systems (EMCS)data sets. The program can be found at www.utonline.org.

ASHRAE Journal, July 2007, p12

Going Swimmingly

This one is odd. An indoor swimming pool in Alaska. I found it interesting anyway.

Engineered Systems. May 2006

The Terrible Too’s

Avoid ventilation mistakes of environmental complaints, too: warm, cool, drafty, stuffy, noisy, quiet, expensive, and complicated.

Engineered Systems. April 2007


Ventilation Design And Performance In US Office Buildings

A EPA survey of 100 buildings- it’s rather abstract

ASHRAE Journal, April 2005

Beyond The Affinity Laws

Article to make sure you avoid overestimating or under performing VSD applications. It’s also a good overview on electric motors.

Engineered Systems. August 2004

Fan Energy System Optimization

From motor load to duct fitting- get the most out of your fan system. Efficiency, software, power vs performance. On a new or retro fit.

Engineered Systems. May 2006

Energy Efficient Motors & Drives

Calculating savings and costs for motors and drives.

ASHRAE Journal, January 2004, p30

Technology Positioned to help with Industry Challenges

Overview of Energy Recovery Ventilation (ETV) technologies.- light overview so I threw it out. The online magazine has no archives and is only published once a year.

ARI Magazine, Spring 2004, p24

Humidification Online

Online resources for sizing Humidification equipment.

Engineered Systems. April 2006

Manufacturing The Right Moisture

Explores load-related questions and other design pitfall for your humidifier.

Engineered Systems. April 2007


Spreadsheets that Speed Lighting Calculation

Some simple spreadsheets and a program called Calculite

Simply Indoor. has some photometric layout design programs.

Energy User News, June 2005

The Virtual Thing: Lighting Software Option

Overview of a couple lighting packages but not a lot of detail.

Architectural Lighting, June 2004

Daylighting Design Update: One Year Later

Overview of a couple lighting packages to deal with daylighting.

Architectural Lighting, May 2005– no photos.SPOT The Sensor Placement and Orientation Tool


Green And Purple Money

This is a letter to the editor, which in a simple way explains why energy conservation is so hard to sell. It’s one of my all time favorite clippings. It generated a lot response.

Energy User News, April 2003

Moving Beyond Simple Payback- Addressing Clients’ Financial Needs

This article highlights case studies for projects that proceeded when factors beyond energy efficiency were introduced into life-cycle analysis.

ASHRAE Journal, June 2005, p14

Found Money: A CFO’s Guide to the ROI of Lighting.

Nice overview of CFO’s who are learning they need to take a role in Lighting and Energy. ROI and due diligence.

Energy User News, July 2005

Simulating Reality On Your PC

Energy Auditing using computer software.

Engineered Systems. March 2005

Commissioning: Tools of the Trade

Tools and software necessary to complete a commissioning or recommissioning.

HPAC Engineering, June 2004, p20 – not in archive.

Energy Software Tools

A list of 10 software packages uses to calculate energy savings. Also a side bar featuring some free software.

Energy User News, July 2003

Using Standard 90.1

Overview of the new ASHRAE Standard.

HPAC Engineering,February 2005, p35

"It is vital that someone with a vested interest in utility savings is involved in a MBWA (management by wandering around) program." – ASHRAE Journal, June 2005, p74

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