May 202009

The May 2009 Issue of Engineered Systems has a good primer on Dehumidification entitled “Keys to Efficient Dehumidification” by Jeff Ihnen. Ray Maas has some experience, but I don’t have much familiarity with the topic. Fargo his neither too humid nor too dry. I found this article helpful. Jeff lays out the following Dehumidification Control Strategies:

  1. Only cool to the desired dew point when necessary
  2. Control cooling using variable volume to the maximum extent possible
  3. Keep the building positively pressurized
  4. Shut down outside air when the building is unoccupied
  5. Provide minimal temperature control with DOAS makeup air units

Once he reviews the pros and cons of each strategy, Jeff reviews two dehumidification system design strategies: dedicated outdoor air systems, and Precool and reheat ventilation air with energy recovery. We see more of the latter in our work.

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