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Xcel – Effective Concepts LLC
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Feb 152011

According to Brian Hammarsten of Xcel Energy, “Last year (2010) customers took advantage of more than $20 million that we budgeted for rebates and incentives for energy efficiency measures.”

Xcel is  lowering their rebate on Parking Garage Light fixtures from $125 to $85. This is due to price drops in the wholesale cost of these fixtures…

In 2010 we increased customer rebate levels on most of the products covered by our Lighting Efficiency program. These rebates help our customers offset the higher cost of more efficient equipment by funding a reasonable portion of each project, not to exceed 60 percent of project cost.

However, economic conditions changed considerably later in the year and the cost of the equipment – particularly parking garage lighting – was not as high as originally anticipated. And while reduced cost is good news for customers, it also means we must follow suit when setting our rebate structure.

Apr 242010

Xcel is offering Energy Audits for their Minnesota business customers…

Online Energy Assessment
Xcel’s online analysis tool recognizes that every business uses energy differently. You can tailor your analysis according to industry, location, energy use history and building specifics.

On-Site Energy Audit
This service is a detailed on-site energy audit performed by an energy engineer assigned by Xcel Energy. It includes cost and savings estimates, energy-saving solutions and potential Xcel Energy rebates and paybacks.

Energy Advisory ServicesNew for 2010
Our new Energy Advisory Services program will subsidize a portion of the service provided by an Energy Adviser to assist in implementation of the projects recommended by the on-site assessment. Services included in the Energy Advisory Service. The cost is minimal – only $50 for the initial Energy Adviser consultation and an additional $35 for each energy conservation opportunity that is selected.

Call your account manager or contact Xcel’s Business Solutions Center at 1-800-481-4700 for help deciding which option works best for you. For more information visit xcelenergy.com/EnergyAnalysis.*

*Update:  Xcelenergy.com web pages change all the time. Some links in the post have moved.

Feb 032010

As of January 1, 2010 Xcel Energy has significantly increased their lighting rebates in Minnesota. Now is the time to look at updating your lighting in your business.

Rebate levels increased an average of 60% or more. This will helps reduce out–of–pocket costs, shortens payback times and lowers your overall energy costs.

This is offset by stricter rebate requirements as Codes and efficiency standards continue to increase. All T8 4-foot fixtures (including high bays and parking garages) must have a high–efficiency ballast. Xcel utilizes the CEE specifications for these ballasts which are listed on the rebate form; a list of qualifying high–efficiency ballasts is also available online. Additionally, the reflector rebate has been replaced with a Lighting Optimization rebate. The rebate calculation for compact fluorescents (CFLs) is now based on the total fixture wattage, not the individual lamp wattage.

Effective dates: Invoices must be dated 1/1/2010 or after to qualify for 2010 rebate levels. Use the new 2010 rebate applications which are posted on the Lighting program page.

Update: the Xcel program has changed again- check here for more rebate details.

Jul 172009

Xcel Energy is continually updating their energy rebate programs. If your project saves energy, particularly if it cuts your electric demand, Xcel is bound to have a rebate program for you. This assumes you’re in Minnesota, New Mexico, or Colorado. If you’re in North Dakota, South Dakota, Wisconsin, Michigan, or Texas you’re out of luck. (We have offsetting lower rates and lower taxes.)


  1. Parking garage lighting retrofits
    Effective July 1, 2009, Minnesota Xcel Energy business customers converting from 150W or 175W high intensity discharge (HID) lighting to two- or three-lamp T8s or T5H0s are now eligible for a rebate of $50 per fixture. Xcel has simplified the process with new rebate forms. See the Parking Garage Lighting Application for requirements and rebate incentive information.
  2. Lighting Redesign Studies
    A complete building-wide lighting system analysis of can show you the best approach to improve lighting design or to reduce existing light output while maintaining proper lighting levels for your needs. Xcel has increased lighting redesign study incentive to 75% of the cost of the study, not to exceed $25,000, and more than doubled many of our equipment rebates.
  3. More Lighting Rebates
    Every step to lower lighting use, from installing energy-efficient lighting to adding controls or offering in-depth photometric analysis can significantly lower your customers’ energy bills and earn substantial rebates.
    A) $400 per kW saved for preapproved projects when they add their lighting system to a building control system or add microprocessor controls to lighting systems.
    B) Custom Efficiency program now offers a method of analyzing lighting projects that yield greater rebate potential for your customers.
  4. Boiler Rebates
    New boilers, efficiency-boosting add-ons and tune-ups for boilers used for space heating and/or domestic water heating now can go through our Boiler Efficiency rebate program without preapproval. Xcel offers rebates for projects that improve the efficiency of existing equipment such as boiler tune-ups, steam trap repair/replacement and boiler add-ons.

Updated Minnesota Energy Code

The long-awaited Minnesota Energy Code for Commercial Buildings will take effect on June 1, 2009. The code itself adopts the ASHRAE 90.1-2004 Energy Standard with minor modifications.

The new code will have an impact on Energy Design Assistance, Cooling Efficiency and Variable Frequency Drives. Because the adoption of a new, higher energy code will result in increased minimum efficiencies.

For more information about the commercial energy code, please visit the Minnesota Department of Labor and Industry construction codes and standards energy Web site.

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